ASAI has been carrying out industrial automation projects for more than 25 years, commissioning facilities for major car manufacturers and for original equipment suppliers.

Our extensive experience in the sector enables us to optimise the different phases of the production process:

  • improving cycle times,
  • reducing downtimes,
  • improving program diagnoses,
  • improving communications between equipment,
  • optimising robot trajectories to achieve greater efficiency.

Car industry brands for which ASAI has provided its know-how:

At ASAI, we have installed and commissioned, updated or retrofitted large production lines in the different vehicle manufacturing stages.

  • Depalletising and palletising robotised cell.
  • Interpress robot cells.
  • Seat manipulation robots.
  • Spare wheel, battery, glass, shaft insertion robots, etc.
  • Collaborative robots for screwing and manipulation in assembly phase.
  • Floor transport.
  • Overhead transport, electrotracks.
  • resistance welding
  • MIG-MAG welding
  • bolt welding
  • clinching
  • pulleying
  • manipulation
  • dispensing
  • screwing
  • component assembly

Under the following programming standards of the main car manufacturers: generalist standards common to car industry sector such as Sicar – Siemens or specific standards of some OEMs such as:

– GM- Opel: Legacy, Global Standards 2 and 3
– VW Group: Polo A02, A03, VAAS
– Mercedes Benz: NCV2,…

  • With screwing technology.
  • With bearing insertion technology.
  • With steering ball joint insertion technology.
  • Circlip insertion.
  • Bolt insertion.
  • in welding
  • screwing systems
  • insertion systems
  • electrical test

Design and manufacture of the necessary tools to complete our automation project for our customers in the car industry sector.

– Resistance welding tools
– MIG –MAG welding tools
– Leaktightness control cell tools
– Tools to insert steering ball joints, bearings, circlips, multiple parts, etc.

Quality control by artificial vision 3D of:

  • Weld seams
  • Gap&Flusb control of moving parts on bodywork