ASAI is an engineering enterprise that is specialised, in the industrial world, in design, automation, process supervision and control.

Industrial and collaborative robotics

Industrial and collaborative robotics

Instalación de medios productivos

Installation of production means

Ingeniería mecánica y eléctrica

Mechanical and electrical engineering

Ingeniería de seguridad de máquinas

Machine safety engineering

Automatización de procesos

Process Automation

We have accompanied our customers throughout the whole of Europe, Morocco, Turkey and way beyond our borders in countries such as the United States, Mexico or China,… in order to satisfy one of our main lines of action: to provide our customers with a global service with turnkey projects that optimise their industrial processes.


Design and manufacture of comprehensive industrial automation projects.

Suppliers of a comprehensive service that starts with the design and ends with the after-sale and maintenance service of the cells delivered. In addition to this comprehensive service, ASAI offers any of these services separately according to customer requirements.


– Prototyping – Reverse engineering

Process simulation

– CAD CAM – Simulators of robots and assemblies


– Additive printing – Continuous machined 5-axis

Industrial and collaborative robotics


Machine safety


Cyber industrial security


Artificial vision

– Quality control – Deep learning – 2D and 3D Robots guiding – Bin picking

Software design and programming of:

– PLC´s – SCADAS – High level languages

After sales service

– Training – Maintenance – Technical assistance


To position ASAI as a reference supplier in automation at a European level for the most demanding industrial sectors.

automocion-iconCar industry

alimentario-iconHousehold appliances







  • Commitment to our customers, delivering optimal quality and strictly complying with delivery times.
  • Technological capacity and qualification of the human team in a life-long training process.
  • Speed, flexibility and response capacity.
  • Experience, integrity and rigour.
  • Continuity through the after-sale service, and training in the use of equipment and of the most cutting-edge technology referring to our applications.
  • Technical assistance worldwide.


ASAI is committed to work under an ethical code of conduct and social responsibility

  • All the activities are developed under an ethical, honest and responsible prism.
  • We respect national and international laws and conventions, integrating our value chain in this commitment.
  • We compete in the markets in a fair and transparent manner, complying with current legislation in each of the countries we operate.
  • All forms of corruption, fraud, bribery, money laundering and anti-competitive practices are rejected.
  • We carry out all the activities in the most respectful way with the environment, favoring the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Our working team is aware of their environmental care responsibilities and more concretely regarding to:
    • Practices of reuse, reduction and recycling in the different stages of the production process.
    • Comprehensive control of energy consumption.
  • The company promotes and maintains a culture of respect and equal opportunities.
  • No employee will be subject to discrimination based on gender, religion, race, ethnic origin or nationality, culture, social group, disability or illness, sexual orientation, marital status, age or political opinion.
  • The Company:
    • Does not tolerate forced labor or workplace harassment.
    • Provides its workers with fair economic compensation, in accordance with current legislation.
    • Does not hire people whose age is below the legally recognized minimum age to work.
    • Recognizes the right of its workers to free association and collective negotiation.
  • In compliance with the Organic Law on Data Protection, the information and personal data of its employees will only be used for professional purposes.
  • Weekly working hours and overtime do not exceed the established legal limit. Working overtime is voluntary and paid for in accordance with the law.
  • The company is firmly committed to the safety of people and ensures that all its employees develop their tasks in safe and healthy places environments.
  • The company goes beyond the compliance with the current legislation on the prevention of occupational risks and promotes healthy life habits, contributing to the improvement of the health of its workers.
  • The company is committed to respect the right to intellectual and industrial property of its customers and to protect the information and knowledge acquired, ensuring their confidentiality.
  • Information that is not owned by the company is in no case duplicated, reproduced or inadequately used.
  • The company is committed to maintain the highest level of exigency to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.
  • Relations with our customers are based on respect and honesty:
  • We compete in the market in a fair manner and we do not admit in any case deceptive, fraudulent, malicious or confusing behavior.
  • We reject the unlawful transmission of information to competing customers or any violation of the confidentiality under which its legitimate owners maintain it.
  • The contracts and communications with our clients are clear, in accordance with current regulations, without recourse to avoidance practices or, in any other way, incorrect practices.
  • We provide our clients with accurate and timely information on any relevant aspect related to our products.


Our passion for excellence leads us to apply the highest quality standards and requirement levels.

  • Quality in the supplier network, only working with the best.
  • Quality in the process, through a Lean approach.
  • Quality of products and of the work done.

The ASAI service quality ensures our customers a friendly service, a fast response and greater flexibility. As leading service providers, we ensure strict compliance with fast delivery times.

At ASAI we are constantly working to go beyond our customers’ expectations in terms of attention and service.